Become part of an innovative community funding round for our green trucking hub, a West Oakland community-driven project.

Green Transit & Trucker Hub

🌐A communal hub.
🚛 For truckers, by truckers.
🚴🏻 Welcoming all Bay Bridge transit.
🌱 A showcase of sustainable industrial infrastructure.
🤝 A true, whole community, effort.

Only full-service trucking “travel center” in an 70-mile radius of Oakland

5-acre site was designed by one of the leading environmental engineering firms in the country

Current annual revenue exceeding $1M; post-development projected at $9M+ annually‍

Founder is a key figure in both the Bay Area trucker & City of Oakland communities‍

Key environmental features: stormwater reuse, vegetated buffers for air quality & alternative energy‍

55 yr property lease + fuel kickbacks + support from the City of Oakland

A true community effort; business, government, truckers & residents working together

Oakland Has a Big Trucking Problem

For decades now, as global commerce continues to increase exponentially, the amount of trucking traffic to the Bay Area has grown alongside. Especially on the east side of the bridge in Oakland, where the oldest shipping container port on the Pacific coast is located, commercial trucks are both needed and distained by our local community. Oaklanders and the rest of the US citizens desire the goods that are delivered via the Port of Oakland, and thus the trucks that then carry these goods to each local establishment. Until autonomous vehicles become commonplace, these trucks will continue to be operated by people; e.g. - truckers. People who need a place to eat dinner, a place to take a warm shower and do a load of laundry, a doctors office to visit and fuel & repair shops to handle empty tanks & broken down engines. But naturally the Oakland community does not want trucks driving up and down, parking in, and spilling their diesel fumes all across their neighborhoods in order to acquire these same daily rights that we all share.